About eTown

The eTownz platform provides a range of functionality to meet the varied needs of your community. A key component of the platform is the ability create various user groups. Each user group are assigned privileges and the relevant functionality to contribute to their eTownz. User can include business owners, club PRO’s, public services, local bloggers & phtoographers and of local people,

Browse through our functionality list below and think about how these tools can engage your community online.

eBusiness Functionality


Comprehensive directory editable by each business owmers, includes features likes social media links, Google Maps, photos and descriptive areas.


Our platform allows for the creation of categorised listings such as property and motor listings

Queries / Bookings051

Inbuilt query form system or embed your customised booking engine into your eTownz profile


Business owners can set offer prices & description, schedule offers, create limited edit offers and lots more.


Business users can create and manage their own feature reach ecommerce shop, selling 24 x 365 !


Spread the word and let your customers sing your story. Full moderated review system for each profile

Community Participation


Multi admin, multi categorised news system which allows users to submit and moderate stories across your community.


Run multiple choice of photos competitions in your community, a fun way to promote and engage.


Powerful questionnaire and surveying tools allow for great community feedback and participation.


Create and manage an online database of local job opportunities, help businesses identify local talent and promote your local jobs market

Social Integration


All members of the community can login and participate in the local conversation.

Video & Photo Galleries091

Manage community interactive video and photo galleries displayed in galleries and sub albums. Chronicle the pictorial history of your community.


Create, manage and moderate community forums to generate ideas and conversation

Social Media IntegrationFacebook11

Our platform is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to drive engagement & traffic.